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Cadini del Brenton

Cadini Del Brenton

The Cadini of Brenton and Soffia waterfalls, in Valle Del Mis and in the heart of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, are a spectacle of nature that will take your breath away.

Fifteen “cadini”, deep holes dug into the rock by the Brenton Stream, follow each other through drops, slides and waterfalls. All the power of water rushing and roaring into a deep gorge with a 12-metre drop.

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The Cadini del Brenton Waterfalls

An easy path of about 20 minutes allows you to skirt the waterfalls and admire them from the wooden bridges that cross them. Bathing and any behaviour that may alter the precious natural balance are forbidden. Be warned: don’t be surprised if at every step you stop to take a picture of a peculiar shade of emerald, the shimmering waterfall, or a sudden play of reflections on the rock!

Soffia Waterfall

Not far from the Cadini waterfalls you can observe the Soffia waterfall from above, thanks to a scenic walkway. As you approach along the short path through the forest, its powerful “noise” will guide you to your destination.

Curiosities and Tips

  • The botanical garden at the entrance to the Cadini trail has become home to hundreds of plant species that live in the Dolomiti Bellunesi Park
  • When the water level in Lake Mis is low, you can visit the cave below Soffia waterfall
  • Are you feeling hungry after the walk? Have a Camolino cheese sandwich!
  • It’s the perfect place for an excursion with the whole family.
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