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Brent de l’Art

Brent De L’Art

A visit to the Brent de l’Art area is magical, a journey through time and away from the usual landscapes. A treasure of Valbelluna at Sant’ Antonio Tortal.

After about a fifteen-minute walk, you can enjoy the spectacle of the deep, canyon-like gorges carved over millions of years by the Ardo Stream. The high walls of red rock and the stream flowing through form a unique and striking natural setting.

Brent De L Art Inverno  (2)
Brent De L Art Inverno  (4)
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Diego Leder BRENT DE L ART Brent De L Art
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Grigoletto Marialuisa3
To get to know these places more closely, you can be accompanied by Alpine Guides who will take you—literally—to immerse yourself, with canyoning, climbing down river beds in this dreamy place of drops, slides, and dives.

Curiosities and tips

  • The typical red colour of the Brent de l’Art is from the millions of year old “Red Scales”
  • On the coldest days in winter, the walls of the Brent de l’Art are covered with stalactites of ice
  • There are two different Ardo streams: this one that created the Brent, and the Ardo Stream that flows from Schiara

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