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Daffodils at Pian di Coltura

Daffodils At Pian Di Coltura

Every year between mid-April and early June the magic repeats itself: the meadows of Pian di Coltura are covered with daffodils.

On the slopes of Monte Garda, in the Borgo Valbelluna area, the White Prince offers a spectacle to admire and photograph!
Green, white, yellow create a natural color palette made even more vivid by the contrast with the view of the Belluno mountains.

Fioritura Pian Di Coltura   Lentiai (1)
Fioritura Pian Di Coltura   Lentiai (2)
Fioritura Pian Di Coltura   Lentiai (3)

It is a spontaneous flowering, but it is the care of those who love this corner of paradise in the Belluno Dolomites that guarantees the beauty of this inverted sky.

For over 10 years, a group of volunteers from the Natura Lentiai Group, supported by the Unifarco company and the Municipality of Borgo Valbelluna, together with other local associations, have recovered several hectares of meadow guaranteeing the practice of mowing, the fencing and the uprooting of weeds. Daffodils grow in dry meadows that do not receive manure, but after mowing it is essential that the hay is taken away.
A real job that ensures that this show is repeated every year between mid-May and early June.

The site is very delicate and thousands come to witness the flowering.
Three guided tours have been organised for the occasion, with a view to slow tourism: 12, 19 and 26 May 2024.

The site is delicate and overcrowding should be avoided.

Curiosities and tips

  • Veratro and asphodel are poisonous plants that threaten the daffodil and are pulled out of the ground with their roots each year by volunteers
  • A scenic walk to Malga Garda starts from Pian de Coltura
  • Col Artent, above Pian de Coltura, was an Austrian-Hungarian artillery post

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