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Three Peaks - Giro d’Italia

Three Peaks   Giro D’Italia

If you fancy tackling this iconic ascent leading to the very symbol of the Dolomites, you need to train for these 7 intense kilometres, with their average slope of 8% and sections that are as steep as 19%. It takes strong legs, lung capacity and steady nerves to reach the Refuge of Auronzo da Misurina but, once there, the breath-taking scenery makes up for it.

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Comprised for the first time in the Corsa Rosa of 1967, the Three Peaks immediately became something of a legend in the amazing 19th stage of 170 km won by Gimondi. The following year, it was right here that Eddy Merckx was nicknamed "the Cannibal": with a heroic victory and some impressive leads, he triumphed over the rest of the group combating with thick snow and a freezing temperature.

Curiosities and tips

  • In the memorable stage of 1968, “the Cannibal”, had a 4’ advantage over Motta and Zilioli and 6’ and 19" over Gimondi. Eddy Merckx himself declared that this was one of his finest wins.
  • In 2013, Vincenzo Nibali also conquered the Three Peaks amidst a snowstorm and freezing cold
  • To date, we have celebrated 7 winners of this stage. In chronological order, they are: Gimondi (IT - 1967), Merckx (BE - 1968), Fuente (ES - 1974), Breu (CH - 1981), Herrera (CO - 1989), Riccò (IT -2007), Nibali (IT - 2013).
  • This climb will be in the news again in May 2023 during the 106th Giro d’Italia
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