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Campolongo Pass - Giro d’Italia

Campolongo Pass   Giro D’Italia | © Arabba Fodom Turismo

On the border between the regions of Veneto and Trentino Adige, the Campolongo is one of the most spectacular passes of the Dolomites, one which amply rewards the strenuous climb with postcard views.

Road Bike   ®arabba Fodom Turismo IMG 9343 | © Arabba Fodom Turismo

Linking the municipalities of Livinallongo di Col di Lana and Corvara in Badia, the Campolongo Pass has provided the backdrop to the challenge between Chiappucci “El Diablo” and “Il Navarro” Indurain in the Giro d’Italia of 1933.

It was right here on the Campolongo that Chiappucci surged ahead but was newly overtaken. He had no intention of giving up but remained glued to Indurain’s back wheel before sprinting past him.

If you too fancy tackling this pass, you need to train for a 21.7-kilometre route with an average gradient of 3.8%.

Fatigue and great satisfaction are guaranteed!

Curiosities and tips

  • The Campolongo Pass is also famous for being part of the renowned Sellaronda, a tour for cyclists or skiers
  • The arrival point of the pass has an impressive altitude of 1875 metres
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