The perfect fusion of man and nature

Among mountain trails and hikes, among spectacular blooms of daffodils and crocuses, on foot, by bicycle or in contemplation, energy flows out and into us.

Cortina Lago Limedes

Springtime in the Dolomites in Belluno

Paths, flower meadows, forests and waterfalls among fairy-tale mountains. A perfect rejuvenating weekend and ideal place for smart working.

The light changes, the vistas are coloured a deep green, the air has new scents, the sound of water regains vigour. “Spring does not knock, she enters confidently.” Here you will understand the deep meaning of De Andrè’s words: it is the time for energy that is flowing out and in of us. Among trails and hikes, on foot or by bicycle, among spectacular blooms of daffodils in Pian di Coltura or of crocuses in the Agordino area, you will experience the fusion of man and nature.

The upside down Skywalk

The largest daffodil bloom in Europe

Fioritura Pian Di Coltura   Lentiai (1)
Fioritura Pian Di Coltura   Lentiai (2)
Fioritura Pian Di Coltura   Lentiai (3)

It is the largest flowering of daffodils in Europe. It is a picture painted on the ridge of Col di Garda in Valbelluna.
It is a spontaneous flowering, but it is the care of those who love this corner of paradise in the Belluno Dolomites that guarantees the beauty of this inverted sky.
For over 10 years, a group of volunteers from the Natura Lentiai Group, supported by the Unifarco company and the Municipality of Borgo Valbelluna, together with other local associations, have recovered several hectares of meadow guaranteeing the practice of mowing, the fencing and weeding. Daffodils grow in dry meadows that do not receive manure, but after mowing it is essential that the hay is taken away.  
To protect the meadows and their beauty, a shuttle service with parking is organized during the Sustainability Days which will be held on Sunday 14, 21 and 28 May and Friday 2 Jun


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