The foliage sets the Belluno Dolomites ablaze. An intimate, slow time begins. Walks and bike rides have a different flavour. And the mountain seems only ours.

Marco Migliardi I DUE SOLI DEL PELMO Monte Pelmo

Autumn in the Dolomites in Belluno

It is the ideal season for walks, bike rides and outdoor activities in unique settings. And the typical seasonal dishes warm the heart and the palate.

Yellow, orange and red. Colors that enchant the woods and make the foliage of the Belluno Dolomites magical. It is the period to visit the most famous villages and places in peace. Everything becomes intimate. In the Val del Biois dialect, autumn is feminine, fardima: it indicates the end of the harvest and the beginning of a slow time. Even walks and bike rides have a different flavour. And the mountain seems to belong to us more than ever.

The magic of colors enchants, the new fresh air is around, the heat of the summer is far away. The mountain is waiting for the white of the snow but now red, orange and yellow are the main characters on the stage. We love to describe this event as outodoor chromotherapy , the best way to recharge in nature.

Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Autunno   Piezzi Ferdinando Copy
Rifugio Croda DaLago Photo | © Bandion
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Marco Migliardi I DUE SOLI DEL PELMO Monte Pelmo

Check the calendar for the Desmontegada: our traditional event that celebrates the descent of the herds from the mountain pastures into the valley.



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