Sports, fun and wellness

It is the season for fun in the snow, for young and old alike.Sports, fun and wellness.

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Winter in the Dolomites in Belluno

Enter the world of snow and choose how to enjoy it, from downhill skiing to frozen waterfalls, snowshoeing to cross-country skiing. With the spectacular UNESCO Dolomites as backdrop.

It is the season for fun in the snow, for young and old alike. From glamorous resorts like Cortina to yet-to-be-discovered ones like Comelico, there are many activities on offer in the Dolomites in Belluno, including downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, staying at cosy mountain huts, as well as adrenaline thrills for the brave. From families with children to avid sportsmen, everyone will find the Belluno experience adventurous and rejuvenating.

It's the season of white and the scent of snow. Warm duvets, hat and scarf, cold noses and hands to warm.

First we wait for San Nicolò and a moment later it's already Christmas with its markets, lights and sounds that warm the heart. It's time for skiing, snowshoeing and sledding. The snacks are steaming with hot chocolate, herbal teas with mountain herbs, biscuits, special cakes and smiles.
Winter in the Belluno Dolomites is light, it is the blue of the sky, the outlines of the peaks. Over 300 kilometers of well-prepared slopes and an exclusive set of experiences to enjoy.

DOLOMITI BELLUNESI Inverno 1 @jacopogiordano | © jacopo giordano
DOLOMITI BELLUNESI Inverno 2 @jacopogiordano | © Jacopo Giordano
DOLOMITI BELLUNESI Inverno ©Arabba Fodom Turismo | © Arabba_Fodom_Turismo
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The winter mountain rests and shines with reflected light: it is the sun that sparkles on the white snow. It almost blinds, but it's marvelous, it's the perfection of every single unique and unrepeatable bow: this is magic that enchants.

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