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Frozen waterfalls

Frozen Waterfalls

The ascent of frozen waterfalls, an ice climbing activity, is a unique and fascinating experience.

The water that gushes down rock faces in summer becomes silent and still in the winter, sculpted by the freezing temperatures. From the Brent de l’Art in Valbelluna to the Valle del Mis in Valbelluna, and the Comelle waterfalls in Val di Gares, to name but a few of the better-known locations, there are many waterfalls in the Belluno Dolomites which turn into climbing walls in the winter season.

Thanks to the freezing temperatures, the right exposure, and the presence of canyons where the temperature is consistently low, waterfalls turn into impressive cathedrals of ice, just perfect for climbing under the surveillance of an Alpine Guide. 

Andrea Cattarossi Serrai Di Sottoguda Foto Manricodellagnola Karpos  (1)
Andrea Cattarossi Serrai Di Sottoguda Foto Manricodellagnola Karpos  (3) (1)
Andrea Cattarossi Serrai Di Sottoguda Foto Manricodellagnola Karpos  (4)
Arrampicata Serrai Di Sottoguda

Under your hands, under the traction cleats and the axes, the ice is a living and ever-changing element that presents different challenges on each occasion. If you can stand the cold and are always in search of new experiences, the sensation of climbing this marvel of nature is for you.

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