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Cinque Torri equipped crag

Cinque Torri Equipped Crag | © jacopo giordano

Perhaps the most iconic crag in the province of Belluno, the 5 Torri crag is a beloved climbing gym for climbers. With more than 200 routes, including sport and classic, ranging from 2nd to 8th grade, you can test yourself with holds and steps surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

5 Torri   Credits Jacopogiordano 5 | © jacopo giordano
5 Torri   Credits Jacopogiordano 6 | © jacopo giordano
5 Torri   Credits Jacopogiordano 7 | © jacopo giordano
5 Torri   Credits Jacopogiordano 1 | © jacopo giordano

From these famous Dolomite peaks you can, in fact, enjoy a view of the unmistakable profile of the entire Ampezzo Basin. The Cinque Torri Crag is a historic climbing gym. This is where the first members of the Cortina Scoiattoli Group used to come to train, and this is where so many climbers start practising this sport and hone their technique.

Because of the exposure, easy access, excellent Dolomia rock, and variety of climbing types on the different walls, it is perfect whether you want to approach the sport for the first time or challenge yourself with the more difficult routes. Ready to retrace the footsteps of Scoiattoli club members?

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