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Alta Via 7 of the Dolomites

Alta Via 7 Of The Dolomites

The Alta Via 7, dedicated to Austrian mountain climber, Lothar Patera, is one of the most difficult Alte Vie, only for experienced mountaineers, capable of proceeding at a safe pace and to adapt to the spartan accommodation in bivouacs and shelters.

Be prepared for exposed and treacherous sections, rock jumps and dizzying views of the Alpago basin, the Piave valley and the Carnic ridges. A 36-kilometre walk divided into 5 stages of spectacular views on the edge of the wide limestone ridge of the Col Nudo-Cavallo group. 

The departure point is at the Dolomieu al Dolada mountain shelter. To enjoy the amazing panorama, an initial detour to the top of the mountain is highly recommended. Continuing along the ridge, we come to Valbona Pass, with its legends of smugglers and brides. 

After a night at the shelter of Col Nudo, head off for the challenging stretch on the Rino Costacurta equipped trail. Incredible view from the top of Crepòn. 

From Forcella Venàl, slender paths lead through pastures all the way to Toffolon bivouac.

The connection from Monte Mèsser to the Brutt Pass summit requires minimal mountaineering experience to overcome an exposed stretch. This leads to Lastè bivouac and Semenza mountain shelter.

Procedendo ancora su sentieri attrezzati, una facile arrampicata sulla cresta sud—ovest del Cavallo porta poi a una suggestiva vista sulla foresta del Cansiglio. Da qui la Via si chiude scendendo verso Tambre.
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