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Racing bikes and road bikes

Racing Bikes And Road Bikes

Get on your road bike and get ready to ride on the passes made famous by the Giro d’Italia and the greatest cycling champions. Falzarego, Giau, Pordoi, Three Peaks, etc. These are just some of the legendary places where you can challenge yourself by tackling, hairpin bend after hairpin bend, the climbs and descents that have been the protagonists of so many stages of the Giro d’Italia.

ROAD BIKE   Cortina Road Bike Giau 1
ROAD BIKE   Cortina Road Bike Giau 2
ROAD BIKE   Cortina Road Bike Giau 3
ROAD BIKE   Cortina Road Bike Giau 4
Road Bike   ®arabba Fodom Turismo 1 | © Arabba Fodom Turismo
Road Bike   ®arabba Fodom Turismo 2 | © Arabba Fodom Turismo
Road Bike   ®arabba Fodom Turismo 3 | © Arabba Fodom Turismo
Road Bike   ®arabba Fodom Turismo 4 | © Arabba Fodom Turismo

And the fun doesn’t end there! In addition to these famous routes, you can try others, more or less challenging, that will take you to discover the many beautiful sights of the province of Belluno.

Ride with stunning panoramic views of the Dolomites, travel roads through meadows and forests, and stop in the many towns and charming villages where you can restore your energy by sampling traditional dishes and local produce. 

Cycling is a long journey in search of oneself. (Ivan Basso).

Fatigue and beauty, sweat and fun. Get all of this from cycling around the Dolomites in Belluno.
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