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Villa Piloni a Cesa di Limana

Villa Piloni A Cesa Di Limana

An evocative hornbeam trail, “carpenada” marks the way from the village of Cesa di Limana to Villa Piloni.

A peculiarity of this historic building is its Maltese Cross layout, later modified in the 19th century with the addition of a long wing that juts out to the north, making the original layout less recognizable.
The explanation for this architectural choice is to be sought in the history of the Piloni family, still owners of the villa, who belonged to the prestigious order of knighthood.
In addition to the building’s exterior architecture and its interiors that preserve antique furniture and some interesting works, the spacious grounds surrounding the villa will surely be appreciated.

Castelli E Ville
Ville E Castelli

The original design was by the architect Alexandre Poiteau Le Terrier, gardener of Versailles who arrived in the Belluno area along with Napoleon’s troops. 
You must take a walk down the paths, among the plants and through the gardens of this large estate!


  • If you love cycling, Villa Piloni can be reached on bicycle, thanks to the bicycle path that connects Limana and Trichiana.
  • The Piloni family, originally from Cadore, owned large pieces of land between Limana and Trichiana. 
  • The hornbeam trail was salvaged by the owners after the damage caused by Storm Adrian.

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