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Villa Miari Fulcis, Modolo

Villa Miari Fulcis, Modolo

Not far from the centre of Belluno, surrounded by greenery, Villa Miari Fulcis is a true architectural jewel worth seeing to be combined perhaps with a walk on the beautiful Modolo loop.

It was built in the eighteenth century, but the way it looks today is the result of nineteenth-century interventions that affected both the villa and the old stables beside it.
As you enter the halls on the second floor, admire the decorations and frescoes that adorn the walls. Unfortunately, they are all that is left of the decoration that was destroyed during the two world wars.

Villa Di Modolo 1
Villa Di Modolo 2
Villa Di Modolo 4
Villa Di Modolo 6

As you descend the grand staircase, go back outside, look for the Miari family coat of arms accompanied by the date 1806, and let your gaze wander over the beautiful garden and baroque gate, beside the building, that encloses and protects this elegant villa.


Guided tours for groups of the inside and outside can be arranged on particular days upon request

Contact information: – Phone: +39 366 659 8175


  • Six sundials have been painted on the façade of the upper floor of the stables, marking the time in major European cities. Count Francesco Miari Fulcis, Professor of Geodesy at the University of Padua, wanted the sundials.
  • The Villa today is a venue for weddings and events and guided tours of the inside can be arranged.
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