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Cadore Tre Cime Comelico

Cadore Tre Cime Comelico

Cadore is interweaving nature, culture and tradition in a unique and authentic setting. Thanks to the peculiarities of each of the municipalities and towns included in this area and the variety of experiences they offer, you will be able to have the vacation you desire. From sports to culture, from action-packed holidays to leisure, from cuisine to traditional events, you will have far too much to choose from. Framing everywhere is a unique landscape between Antelao and Monte Pelmo.

Antelao Da Lagazuoi
Borca Dettaglio Campanile Pelmo Frol
DOL SETT  Antelao
LAGO MOSIGO San Vito Di Cadore Dolomiti LUC 7427
San Vito Di Cadore Dolomiti LUC 7511
Ski Area San Vito
Veneto Cibiana Di Cadore Dolomiti LUC 7304
Veneto San Vito Di Cadore Dolomiti LUC 7385
Bike San Vito
Borca Dettaglio Campanile  Credit Foto FROL
Foto Introduttiva Pieve
Ivan Cagnati LO SPECCHIO DEL PELMO Lago Delle Baste
Lovo Moki Alfare2
Nasato Eleonora2 Mondeval

In winter, you can try the slopes of the Dolomiti SuperSki area in San Vito di Cadore, cross-country skiing at Passo Cibiana, and ski touring throughout the Cadore area with popular hiking trails around Pelmo and Monte Rite. Cadore has been dubbed “The Kingdom of Snowshoes” because of the variety of routes that can be chosen upon entering the area.

In summer, biking the long Dolomite route is a must for tourists, as is venturing into the valleys and choosing hiking trails based on various levels of difficulty. You can also spend leisure time on the shores of beautiful lakes and discover unique environments such as Lagole and the Somadida Forest, a timber reserve for the Republic of Venice between the early 1500s and the late 1700s.

To get closer to the culture and long history of this area, you can visit the many villages with their peculiar architecture, small churches that are a treasure trove of art treasures, and the sites of the Great War. You can learn about the house that was the birthplace of the great painter Titian and the history behind the production of eyeglasses. 

Museums include the very special open-air gallery given by the murals on the walls of the houses in Cibiana, and the Eyewear Museum in Pieve di Cadore, which tells the story of manufacturing and the supply chain, central for Cadore and the whole province. The cuisine will also delight you with its traditional products whose recipes have been handed down through the ages.

More info: CadoreExternal link - Magnifica Comunità di CadoreExternal link 

Curiosities and tips

  • “Casunziei,” roe deer venison in salmì, “zopes,” and strudel are just some of the local recipes to try.
  • The legends of Cadore are populated with magical and mysterious creatures such as dragons, nymphs, salvànes, warriors of myths, dwarfs, gnomes, fairies and witches.
  • What would be a great way to explore these areas? Riding a bike on the “Long Dolomite Path” bike path that starts at Cimabanche Pass and follows the route of the former Dolomite Railroad to Calalzo. It is the middle part of the Munich-Venice Bike Route.
  • The first eyeglass factory was established in Calalzo di Cadore in 1878. Subsequent industrial and handicraft businesses related to eyewear have led to renown around the world: 70 percent of the global mid- to high-end eyewear market is concentrated here
  • The tradition of the eyewear industry is represented by several companies and numerous stores where you can pick up bargains
  • The “NeveSole Park” located in the San Vito ski area is ideal for family fun with inflatable playhouses, sleds and inflatable boats.
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