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Auronzo and Misurina

Cadore Tre Cime Comelico

Cadore Tre Cime Comelico
Auronzo And Misurina

Auronzo is a small town in Cadore that stands on the shores of Lake Santa Caterina. It is surrounded by some of the most beautiful peaks in the Dolomites, among which you may recognize the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, the Cadini of Misurina, the Marmarole group, Monte Piana, Sorapiss, and Monte Cristallo.

Adding to the uniqueness of the landscape is the town of Misurina with its beautiful natural lake 1,756 metres above sea level. 

Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Autunno   Piezzi Ferdinando
Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Estate   Diego Leder
Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Estate   Gallizzi Roberto
Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Estate   Lugato Luisa
Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Estate   Pavanello Filippo
Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Estate   Venegoni Daniele
Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Inverno   Tasca Elisa
Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Inverno 1
Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Inverno 2   Cocchetto Giuliano
Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Inverno 2
Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Primavera   Migliardi Marco
Auronzo   Lago Di Misurina   Primavera   Ragazzo Giuliana
Lago Antorno   Inverno   Trevisiol Susanna
Lago Di Auronzo   Canoa   Ray Marco
Lago Di Auronzo   Estate   Ray Marco
Lago Di Auronzo   Dal Mas Caterina
Lago Di Auronzo   Reane Vecellio Simone
Zanchettin Daniele2

Appreciate it in all its beauty by walking about one hour on the simple loop trail that goes all around the lake.

In addition to the crystal-clear water of the lake in which the surrounding peaks are reflected, Misurina will also treat you to its clean air!
In fact, this place has long been known for its particularly healthy microclimate useful for the treatment of respiratory diseases. But the peculiarities and beauty of this area do not end here: you can walk in the silence of the Somadida Forest, visit not far from Lake Misurina another one called Lake Antorno or set off on the various hikes that climb up to the famous Three Peaks, to the Sorapiss mountain group, Monte Piana and the Cadini of Misurina.

Also ascending from Auronzo is the road that leads up to the Tre Croci Pass from where the trail to the fascinating Sorapiss Lake starts. Auronzo is perfect for both a sports vacation, thanks to the many outdoor activities that can be practised in each season. There are two ski areas where you can give downhill skiing a try: the Auronzo Ski Area and the Misurina Ski Area.

For those who enjoy Nordic skiing, the cross-country centre in Palus San Marco and the loops in Misurina offer trails suitable for everyone. It is an ideal place for families: either to simply enjoy some leisure time and the rejuvenating quiet of these places, or for adventure. In summer, don’t miss the Three Peaks Adventure Park for the little ones and in winter the sledding slopes at the Three Peaks and Monte Piana! 

To complete your trip, you can pay a visit to the 18th-century Church of Santa Giustina in Villagrande and try the local cuisine and dishes.

Curiosities and Tips

  • Legend has it that Lake Misurina was a gift from the fairy of Monte Crystal to the daughter of King Sorapiss, Misurina, who longed for a magic mirror. In exchange for the gift, however, the fairy imposed one condition: Misurina’s father, Sorapiss, would be turned into a mountain.
  • The name Misurina comes from the expression “meso ai rin,” meaning “in the middle of the streams”. As a matter of fact, in the past, the rivers Piave and Adige were thought to originate from Lake Misurina itself.
  • Experience the thrill of the world’s longest fun bobsleigh at the Monte Agudo ski area: Three kilometres of straight trails, switchbacks and curves on what is a ski slope in winter
  • MarmaroleRunde is a splendid hiking itinerary that allows the whole tour of the group to be done in 3–5 days. It is one of the least anthropized areas in the Dolomites, which allows you to immerse yourself in an environment of rare integrity.
  • Three Peaks BIke is a project that brings together all the bicycle routes in the area: for families, trained people, e-bikes, road bikes and MTBs
  • In summer, Lake Auronzo hosts international canoe, kayak and dragon boat challenges with hundreds of athletes from all over the world. The basin is also suitable for hosting club and national meets with a 9-lane race course assembled as early as mid-June, movable docks and automatic starting blocks.
  • Full Moon Festival: From January to March on Saturdays before the full moon, snowshoeing, sledding, skating on Lake Antorno, cross-country skiing and ski touring are organized to enjoy the brightest evening of the month.
  • Are you ready for year-round hiking? Two recommendations: the Monte Piana Open-Air Museum historical trail; the trail from the Col de Varda Mountain Shelter to the Carpi Mountain Shelter with a detour at Malga Maraia.

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