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Lake Corlo

Lake Corlo

Lake Corlo or Lake Arsiè is known as the small Norwegian fjord of Veneto, because of its elongated shape and its location between vertical rocks.

The water becomes a mirror mixing the deep green of the landscape and the blue of the sky. It is a spectacular place that has become a popular destination for the locals and tourists alike.

This is an artificial reservoir that stretches into the lower Feltre area from Arsiè to the remains of the ancient hamlet of Rocca. Located on the border of Valsugana and Monte Grappa, and just a few kilometres from the Venetian plain, the lake has a varied landscape. To the north the shores are gentle with a vast grassy beach; to the south the scenery becomes more rugged and rocky, with plenty of other charms.The village of Rocca is the most important town on the lake, and there are three bridges nearby, one of which is suspended on ropes, you can walk on to reach the isolated group of houses that climb the foothills of Monte Grappa. 

Enjoy the lake in a boat, kayak, canoe, pedal boat, on a bicycle, hiking, fishing or simply relaxing on its shores. At Lake Corlo you get the chance to have many different experiences suitable for all ages and tastes.

Walk the trails that will take you to discover the lake and its history. Experience the thrill of crossing the Ponte della Vittoria bridge suspended on ropes.
Enjoy a barbecue or picnic in the picnic areas.

Discover the lake’s hidden coves and nooks and crannies by kayak or engage in the many nature sports.

If you do not know which one to choose, come back again and again to enjoy every facet of this place! 


  • Above the lake is the ancient village of Fumegai, now abandoned. The lake is 68 metres deep.
  • “Although I live only a few miles from this natural wonder, I have only started discovering it in the last few months. And now it has become my refuge.” (TripAdvisor review)
  • In the village of Rocca you will see a bell tower, but no church. When the place was turned into a reservoir in 1954, the village of Rocca was almost totally submerged, leaving only a few houses and the bell tower.
  • The “Casel de Melam” Museum of Dairy Art, in Mellame di Arsiè, where milk processing and other gastronomic traditions are re-enacted, is worth a visit.

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