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The Traversata del Cadore trail

The Traversata Del Cadore Trail

The Traversata del Cadore is a route on which you can marvel at the scenic beauty of the area and learn a little about the culture, history and everyday life of the people of Cadore. Running 75 kilometres from Auronzo di Cadore to Caralte di Perarolo, the hiking trail combines ancient paths used over the centuries by the locals to move from one valley to another. Suitable for everyone and passable both on foot and by bicycle, the Traversata del Cadore route passes through the middle of several towns.

Traversata del Cadore | © Martina Da Deppo
Traversata Del Cadore Lago Auronzo Cadore

There are 7 municipalities in Cadore: Auronzo, Lorenzago, Lozzo, Domegge, Calalzo, Pieve, and Perarolo. As you pass through these places, you will be able to discover Cadore’s rich cultural, rural and folkloric heritage.

To travel the Traversata route, you will be able to access it from 3 points: to the north at Transacqua, to the east about halfway to Vallesella, and to the south at Caralte.

Each access gate is equipped with a large parking lot, info-point and bicycle rental facility.
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