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Gran Anello Bellunese

Gran Anello Bellunese | © Manrico dall'Agnola

The Gran Anello Bellunese is a 250-kilometre route with 7 laps across the landscapes of the Valbelluna area. The departure is from the Miari Fulcis Farmhouse in Belluno where you will be given a map of the route and a passport that will be stamped as you complete each lap.

Gran Anello Bellunese 1 | © Manrico dall'Agnola
Gran Anello Bellunese 4 | © Manrico dall'Agnola
Gran Anello Bellunese 3 | © Manrico dall'Agnola
Gran Anello Bellunese | © Cristian Timpone
Gran Anello Bellunese 2 | © Manrico dall'Agnola

As you pedal your mountain bike or gravel bike, you will travel through the most beautiful places in the Valbelluna area.

Nevegal, the Cansiglio Forest, Lake Vedana, and the villages and hamlets lying along the left and right banks of the River Piave are some of the views you will see along the ring route. You can complete the trail in one day or decide to break it up into several laps, having packed lunches or stopping at recommended facilities, at your own pace.

Download the GPS tracks, get on your bike, ride at your own pace and enjoy the journey and the sights on the way. Collect the 7 stamps to enter your name too in the Gold Book of the Gran Anello Bellunese!

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