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Sport climbing

Sport Climbing

With an offering of iron paths, rock gyms, boulders, equipped cliffs, and indoor climbing walls, Belluno province is an authentic paradise for sports climbing enthusiasts.

Alessandro Zeni Su Cani Morti 8b Dolomiti Foto Manricedellagnola Karpos (4)
Andrea Cattarossi  Foto Manricedellagnola Karpos (9)
Arrampicata sportiva | © manricodellagnola
Cristiano Marinello Falesia Ph. Manricodellagnola Karpos (7)
Enrico Cassol Falesia Ph. Manricodellagnola Karpos (4)
Katrin Mair Falesia Ph. Manricodellagnola Karpos (6)
Laura Cavicchi Dolomiti Foto Manricedellagnola Karpos (6)
Laura Cavicchi Dolomiti Foto Manricedellagnola Karpos (7)
Luka Srazer Torre Venezia (civetta) Dolomiti Foto Manricedellagnola Karpos (11)
Matteo De March Sul Pilastro Della Tofana Foto Manricodellagnola Karpos (2)
Matteo Menardi Falesia Ph. Manricodellagnola Karpos (3)
Sara Avoscan Dolomiti Foto Manricedellagnola Karpos (15) (1)
Torre Venezia (civetta) Dolomiti Foto Manricedellagnola Karpos (13)

Whether you are an expert climber or a beginner, there are many opportunities for experiencing the thrill of climbing and the satisfaction of reaching the summit. With rope lengths for all tastes and levels, you can test your strength, sense of balance, and concentration with a gratifying and adrenalin-packed experience.

Conquer the rock face or wall, one centimetre at a time, heave yourself higher and higher and, once up there, enjoy the satisfaction of reaching your summit, no matter how simple or complex it is.

If you are approaching this sport for the first time, enrol for one of the courses run by the Club Alpino Italiano or Alpine Guides. The only snag? You’ll never get enough!

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