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Percorso Nordic Walking

Cadore Tre Cime Comelico

Cadore Tre Cime Comelico
Percorso Nordic Walking, Via Corso Italia 41 - 32046 San Vito di Cadore IT (0039) 0436 9238 -

You can reach some of the most beautiful areas of San Vito such as the Brosolas forest, the hamlet of Costa with its beautiful church, the Boite riverbed near San Floreano, the Mosigo lake.

Of course, from everywhere the landscape is dominated by the three Dolomite giants: Mount Pelmo (m.3168) with the subgroup of the Rochete, the Croda Marcora of the Sorapis, the Antelao (m.3264) the second peak of the Dolomites.

We head along the bike path towards the valley, passing the old train station of the Dolomites (now a small museum), shortly after the Hotel Dolomiti, a road intersection and then the intersection of the Resinego road, where we turn left and climb, a bit steeply on asphalt, between the houses.

Once you reach the highest group of houses, a dirt road with trees and (relatively) steep slopes begins. Further on it becomes a big path that goes up and down towards the Ru Secco valley, crossing the ski slopes (grassy in summer) and stretches of suggestive woods.

We arrive at the small road that goes up to shelter Scoter near the characteristic 'Sun Bar', where there are the parking lots of the ski slope.

Just below the Sun Bar, to the right, a track descends to the bottom of Ru Secco, where we ford the torrent (difficult in case of abundant water). Beyond the stream, on the left, a short climb and the descent on a big path starts to reach the first houses of Costa, near a suggestive wooden bridge.

Costa is a very nice hamlet, in a magnificent panoramic position, characterized by a very suggestive tiny church.

Now along the paved road we descend to the bicycle path and continue in the direction of Cortina.

After crossing the underpass of the state highway, continue along the bike path until just before the Dogana Vecchia.

Both from Costa and from the underpass there is the possibility to go back to San Vito shortening the route.

We leave the bicycle route and we face a steep descent on a path in the middle of the wood until we reach the bottom of the Boite, where we find the little wooden bridge of Pian dela Pausa, we turn left and we go down along the little road that runs next to the torrent (right Boite) until the bridge where we cross the Boite again, at the time of the plain of San Floreano (left Boite). Also this place is very suggestive, Nordic ski runs in winter.

We find again the asphalt road and we enter between the first houses of San Vito and the sports facilities where we reach the suggestive Mosigo lake.

After the lake we go back to the church of San Vito. Our walk is now at the end.

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