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Zoldo - Falcade - Alleghe

Zoldo - Falcade - Alleghe

Falcade is the most important tourist centre in the Valle del Bios, located on the border between Veneto and Trentino and surrounded by Marmolada, Civetta, Pale di San Martino, Cime del Focobon, and Cime d’Auta peaks.

Spending your vacation in Falcade means treating yourself, in every season, to moments of fun, adrenalin rushes and leisure time in contact with the nature, history and culture of the place.

Falcade (1)
Falcade Val Fredda Trekking Estate Ghizzo
Falcade Dolomiti
Brigo Giulia2 Desmontegada Falcade
Costa Diego1 Valfredda
Falcade Ski Archivio Dolomiti Stars Pic Manrico Dell Agnola 2014
Orietta Scardanzan L INCANTEVOLE FOCOBON Cime Del Focobon Da Forcella Stia (FALCADE)
Zagonel Norma2 Rifugio Giuseppe Volpi

During the winter you can indulge in many snow sports: skiing in the Falcade San Pellegrino ski area, ski touring with itineraries for all levels, cross-country skiing at the Centro Fondo Pietro Scola right in the centre of Falcade, as well as hiking, skating and snowshoeing.

In summer, you can spend your days hiking, climbing iron roads, enjoying cycling and walking, not forgetting to take some rejuvenating breaks for enjoying good food! In spring, when nature awakens, you can admire the spectacle of meadows covered in colourful flowers, such as crocuses in bloom in Valfreda and Val di Gares. With the forests dressed in warm, enveloping colours in autumn with foliage, and the Alpenglow over the Dolomites tinged with pink at sunrise and sunset, it will be like being in a painting! 

However, Falcade is not only good for sports and outdoor activities, it is a town rich in art and culture. Sights range from the characteristic “Se Desmonteghea” festival to celebrate the descent of the cows from the mountain pastures, to the many small churches in the hamlets, to the studio museum dedicated to the sculptor Augusto Murer who was born right here in Falcade.

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Curiosities and tips

  • During the “Desmontegada,” festival, usually held on the last weekend of September, cows are adorned with garlands of flowers and cowbells and paraded through the streets of the town centre.
  • The Val del Biois valley has plenty of sacred paintings, frescoes done between the mid-1600s and mid-1800s that embellish the façades of the oldest houses. An open-air museum. For this reason, Treviso writer, Enzo Demattè, called it “The Valley With Saints in the Windows”.
  • The Piana di Falcade is a unique place where a great many activities can be enjoyed both in winter (Nordic skiing and ice skating) and summer (soccer, five-a-side football, volleyball, beach volleyball, tennis, a bike path and a pond)
  • Do you know what a Tabià is? It is an old barn, built in a unique architectural style and in Valle del Biois there are more than 300 of them
  • A hike in Valfredda. This is a magical place 5 minutes’ drive from Falcade heading to Passo San Pellegrino. The “Casoni” that were once shelters for shepherds are now mountain chalets in this unique part of the Dolomites
  • Canale d’Agordo: the small village where Pope Luciani was born is reached just before arriving in Falcade on the way up from Agordo. Here everything revolves around the museum and the life of Pope Luciani beatified in September 2022
  • In the dialect of Val del Biois, the term autumn has a feminine name, “fardima,” a word that signified the end of harvest time and the beginning of a more intimate and slower time, fully experienced.
  • Particularly important among sculptor Murer’s works in Falcade is the monument in Piazza a Caviola, in memory of the victims of the Nazi massacre here in August 1944.

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