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Lagole and Lake Tose

Lagole And Lake Tose

There are magical places, where history and legend, reality and magic come together. Lagole with Lake Tose, which has attracted visitors since the time of the Ancient Venetians and Romans for its healing properties, is one of them.

To find it in about 10 minutes, walk through the easy path in the woods leading from Lake Centro Cadore to Lagole waterfalls and to Tose Pond. 

The scenery that will gradually unfold before you is truly from a fairy tale! The water flows abundantly branching off into small waterfalls and then collecting in the green water of the lake surrounded by the woods. The rust-coloured rocks and the smell of sulphur testify to the therapeutic properties the people of Cadore have always found in this water.

Follow the path that runs along the small waterfalls and discover the history of these places, thanks to the educational panels. Take a photo of this natural spectacle and can dive into the magical water of Lake Tose.


  • Legend has it that young women (“tose” in dialect) used to bathe here to preserve their eternal youth and one day wicked Anguane  killed them out of envy while they were bathing. This unleashed the wrath of the lake god who killed the Anguane by poisoning the water and turned the drops of blood that fell from the maidens on the ground into tiny pink flowers.
  • Lagole was one of the most important sacred sites of the Paleovenetians linked to fertility deities for magical water springs. Several archaeological finds have been made here.
  • Chemical and medical analyses have confirmed the healing properties of the water, rich in bicarbonates and sulphides. Like Lake Mosigo, Lake Tose was recently one of the filming locations of the famous RAI1 drama series A Step from Heaven.

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